Wireless Communication for Mining Rescue Operations

The tools of communication within a mining work, especially underground, allow to have a clearer picture of the situation of the bottom of the mine towards the surface, in addition, they are essential to give notice of potential danger or even in rescue operations.

While communication systems are necessary, one of their disadvantages may be that they rely on the use of wired connections, and these, being physical units, can easily be damaged, crushed or destroyed in the event of an explosion. Therefore, wireless systems that use radio frequency identification and land-based technologies (TTE) are increasingly common in underground mines. Below, we present the most innovative wireless communication system in the market.

Polaris RDF

The Polaris RDF is an innovative tool which is built mostly for the government, rescue teams, and even the military. This tool trends because of its features which it’s amongst the first in today’s market. Its communicating software has the capability of allowing varying users to access the same beacon at the same time, which is a great feature needed by rescue teams or search parties when searching through a large mining area, and this tends to ensure time is being saved and also a faster response time.

Another application of this innovative equipment is in the aspects of the military. This tool can help completely erase the headache of having to locate emergency transmitters because it can be installed on military helicopters which can seriously be a life-saver in the event of a mining accident because of this innovative tools’ reliability and mobility. However, the police and the government can equally benefit from this great tool as it features a radio frequency detector app which makes it easy for the police to be more organized during the rescue operation, and in the aspect of the government? The Polaris drone can be used to quickly and accurately to detect emergency beacons from what we can call a bird’s eye view which can be activated when a major severe mine accident has occurred.

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