What are the signs and symptoms of gambling addiction?

The addiction to gambling can be understood with the irrational behaviour of the person. It is a habit that involves lot of financial commitment so it becomes difficult for the person to get out of it. The gambler initially begins with a kind of interest and for fun. But slowly this gets converted to a regular habit and gradually addiction.

Signs of gambling addiction:

There are certain and specific signs by which one can understand the person are gambling addiction . The signs are as follows:

  • The addicted person feels the need to gamble but keeps it as a secret. This is known as secretive gambling.
  • The person faces huge problem in controlling the activities of gambling.
  • The addicted person will do gambling even if he does not afford to do so.
  • It also happens that the person gets addicted more because he friends and relatives show huge concern about the gambling activities.

This is the time that the person is addicted to gambling and once the symptoms are noticed, the first duty of the relative is to cure it. If you delay, then it may cause emotional symptoms that include anxiety, suicidal thoughts and depression. This happens more when one loses everything in gambling. Hence when online gambling addiction becomes a necessary evil it is the right time to help. The effects of gambling can either be long term or for a short period.

  • There are many gamblers who use alcohol or drugs to reduce the level of anxiety. They get into additional effects due to the stress that is caused by the gambling lifestyle.
  • The relationships are completely damaged due to gambling. Since it is not easy to quit from gambling, one needs a solid support.

The support from either friends or counsellors helps a lot for a person to get out of the addiction cycle.

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