What are skins in CS: GO on Skinsmarket?

Skins weapons in CS GO appeared quite a long time ago and soon gained immense popularity among all the players of this team shooter. From English, the word “skin” is translated as “skin.” Thus, the skins in CS: GO are nothing more than 3D models, replacing the look of standard uniforms. It should be noted that also skins are often referred to as “weapon skins”.

How to get skins with Skinsmarket?

Currently skins can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Accidental loss after a fight.
  • Exchange items with other players.
  • Purchase / sale of skins on the Skinsmarket trading platform.
  • Opening of CS GO cases. As a reward for performing special tasks.

Skins CS GO price and their variations on Skinsmarket

Skins CS GO differ in rarity and wear condition. Now there are seven gradations of rarity (from consumer goods to extremely rare), as well as five types of wear (from battle-hardened to samples directly from the factory). In addition, there is a special variation of StatTrak skins equipped with a kill count.

The cost of skins depends on their rarity and wear condition. Worn weapons level of consumer goods will cost an average of 0.03 to 0.3 $. While the rarest trunks without a trace of wear can cost around $ 1,700, as for example the M4A4 Howl assault rifle.

Skins in eSports, from CS: GO to Dota2

What are skins and what do they eat?

Skin called unique “skins” that change the appearance of weapons in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Cybersport is now at a fairly high level, successfully conquering the market of gamers, and fans of games such as CS: GO and Dota 2 every year becomes more and more. Not surprisingly, the Valve Corporation decided to take advantage of this success and attract a new way of earning – skins. In parallel, this “feature” makes it possible to look more unique compared to other professional players.

What are skins for when buying at Skinsmarket?

Skins change the look of any weapon, making it more unique. Good and interesting skins are quite expensive and rarely fall out, which can guarantee the absence of a large number of people with such things, and allow you to stand out among the other gamers.

Skins can be put on absolutely any kind of weapon. Besides the fact that skins change the look of your weapon, they can also change the animation of its use – again, it gives the ammunition of uniqueness. However, the technical data skins do not affect.


Source web-site: https://skinsmarket.com/


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