US Drivers versus Drivers of Germany and Driving Rules

In last eight years, 101 deaths happened in the United States due to exploding of tires. But every year people die in a large number due to drinking coffee while driving or using mobile while driving.

Last year more than 41,000 deaths took place in the roads of United States. Experts opinion is that people aren’t trained enough to handle emergency situations, they break road rules, and they aren’t concentrating on the roads rather are distracted with other things they do while driving.

How it Happens in Germany

Whereas in Germany with faster cars running on their autobahns, still, the number of accidents is comparably very low. In Germany, drivers won’t make them distracted while driving, whereas in the US, drivers would do makeup or shave or change their CD and that would make them take their eyes away from the road. They won’t see the signals on the road if they are not watching on the road, and so mishap happens.

Age Statistics for Attaining License

In Germany, driving license has strict rules. The written test is tougher and minimum age for attempting for driving license is 18 years.

In the US every state has different requirements. The average age is 16 years old. In around fourteen states a 14-year-old can get a restricted license. Whereas in New York, you must be 18 years to sit on driver’s seat. In most of the states for young drivers, driver education is needed.

In Germany after you pass out the driving test, you are going to be put on probation for two years, and in that two years, if you make any traffic rule violation, you are going to be sent back to driving school.

For Better Driving Good Driving School is a Must

A good driving school is a necessity for road safety, especially if you are staying in congested cities like New York. One road accident just doesn’t hurt you; it hurts others too. In some families, they might lose their loved one, the only bread earner of the family, for only a mistake by someone they even don’t know. You blame all life saying, “I wish if I had taken training from a Driving School Near Me, this would have never happened.”

Still, there is a change for you to go and join a driving school.

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