Top 4 reasons to customize your ID card lanyards

If you are reading this, you have probably wondered already about the possibility of printing the lanyards o your office personnel or not. The reasons may vary according to the needs of your business and office, but here you will see 5 of them that make this decision a very easy one.

  1. It is more difficult to copy

Some people with bad intentions have developed many methods to create fake IDs and entered places they shouldn’t. The most basic example is shown in every single movie, teenagers with fake IDs trying to buy alcohol or enter to discotheques. But think about someone trying to get into your business to steal some information or equipment. This is going to be more difficult if the lanyard used is also printed with the colors, logo or name of the institution.

  1. Lanyards are also space for information

Having everything on the front or back of the card is essential; important information has to be printed in clear letters and using the space provided by the card. But, what most people forget is that the lanyard is also there and can carry information. For example, different floors, departments or type of personnel can carry different colors or names printed on their lanyard. They are not just a piece to hang cards; they are also valuable regarding information.

  1. They give room for creativity

Some small companies do not need to use different color lanyards, but they still do. This is to give employees the opportunity to choose their favorite and connect with their creative side. Having the chance to customize a piece of your uniform or daily outfit can also have benefits for their mood and productivity.

  1. It does not have to be expensive

Having pre-printed lanyards, or customizable ones are going to represent an extra fee that would be avoided if regular lanyards are chosen, but there are cheap lanyards UK options that are available and this way the budget will be enough to obtain the benefits of a customizable lanyard without leaving an arm and a leg.

ID cards inside the office

Small companies can feel they do not need to worry about using ID cards, they feel like a family where everybody knows each other. But, what about bigger companies, with a few dozen employees or maybe hundred, they have too many faces to remember, and they might prefer a more reliable identification method. And this is when ID cards show up; they can be a very simple and efficient way to communicate special information about the employee, such as name and position in the company.

Trust is built through time, but if you do not have time you could use ID cards to make people trust each other because they recognize themselves as co-workers in a faster way, they know it is a person from the same family, team, company that is there helping and working.

Safety first!

ID cards are an essential piece of the safety scheme of a company. Some cards are not only used to identify the person, but they are also magnetic keys and can be preset to open certain doors under certain schedule. So that access to specific places within the facilities is restricted to those who have the permission. This is very useful if the company has two or three shifts so that the staff working on one shift is not allowed to stay or come back if it is not their working hours.

How many advantages?

Wearing ID cards can have plenty of advantages for the company, for the individual and the rest of the coworkers. The company is in charge or representing these people wearing the ID, and these people also have to stand up for their company when needed. The rest of the coworkers can also find value in the use of ID cards since every new member is going to be easily recognizable and therefore communication continues to be fluid, without having to link the possible ties with previous members of the company again.

The use of modern or straightforward ID cards and lanyards is something that continues to be a fundamental piece of companies.

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