Three Powerful Tricks To Slingshot Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is a process which has raised money for various causes and startups over the past decade. It has become an important tool in the hands of those wishing to do good work for society, raise money for treatment or start their own business. This is precisely why knowing about crowdfunding is so important. Crowdfunding India depends on a number of well-known sites which raise money for various reasons. These are crowdfunding platforms.

Crowdfunding is essentially a process in which a lot of people pool in small amounts of money in order to raise a large amount of money. This leads to no one person feeling particularly burdened about the large sum of money they have to raise. It is a low risk and zero investment process. However, not all crowdfunding campaigns succeed i.e. they raise the target amount of money. This is why it is so important to know the techniques which result in a successful crowdfunding campaign. Here are three powerful tricks slingshot your campaign:

  1. Upload images and videos to your fundraiser: A fundraiser is a post in which you write down what your project is and why you need the money. It is a post where you explain yourself and also make an appeal. Many campaigners make the mistake of keeping the fundraiser really textual. Campaigns cannot be just textual. The need to have images and videos in order to impart them with credibility. A medical campaign must have photos of medical documents uploaded. A video from the patient helps too. An NGO campaign too must have video evidence of the work that you have done before. A startup idea needs a video to summarize the content of the fundraiser and to provide demonstrations of ideas.
  2. Create a team for your publicity: Doing the publicity of your fundraiser alone is very, very difficult. This is why it is essential to form a team. A team can help you in many ways. India crowd funding runs on social media. Your team can help you achieve greater visibility on social media. Form a team of people who are dedicated and who you trust. This team can share your fundraiser among all the people they know who in turn will tell other people. Having more people share your posts also gives you greater visibility and draws more interest. A team also helps with the day to day running of the campaign when you are busy. Running a campaign involves mailing, messaging and talking to many people. Your team can do that on behalf of you when you are busy. Your team can also issue updates when your campaign is closed and the development of the project has begun.
  3. Maximize SEO visibility and make the rewards good: Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to increase your visibility on the internet. Make sure that the platform you use has a good SEO mechanism. Try and add important keywords in your fundraiser. This will make your campaign appear first when people search for campaigns of this kind. Once people have clicked on your campaign, catch their attention by promising good rewards. This is particularly true for rewards based crowdfunding where people expect a reward in return for the money they contribute. If your reward is good, contributors are more likely to contribute. Instead of rewarding people with just a pen or a hat, you can give them access to your project or a free gadget (if that is what you are developing). Make sure to count this cost in your budget when you make it.

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