Things To Do In Indianapolis

One of the top cities in the Midwest is Indianapolis, which has become a mecca for travelers due to its central location and its vast amount of things to do when in town. There are a variety of activities from museums to incredible parks to great restaurants and shopping all within the limits of this gorgeous city. If you happen to be on a camper rental journey in the Midwest then you will definitely want to schedule in a stop here. Indianapolis is a pleasant and invigorating place to get off the road and spend a couple of days exploring. If you’ve made the right choice and have scheduled a couple of days in this great city, then check out these top activities and places to see.

Indianapolis Museum Of Art

Located right in the downtown district, this massive and architecturally stunning museum has a permanent collection of over 50,000 works from luminaries across America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. The collection focuses on a number of different genres, so no matter what your tastes may be you can surely find something to your liking here. Works by Paul Gauguin are on display, plus a fantastic collection of modern design, textiles, and a Chinese ceramics section that is renowned worldwide. There are a number of special exhibits that take place throughout the year as well, so make sure to check the schedule to see what’s going on when you’re in town.

White River State Park


This green, leafy urban oasis runs through the heart of downtown and features an incredible range of outdoor activities and a relaxing vibe that is rare for major cities. There are 250 acres of stunning green space to explore, with dozens of walking and running trails, great biking routes, and a number of markets and attractions that take place throughout the year. Just taking some time to relax next to the gorgeous river is highly recommended as well. There are also a number of great museums, restaurants, and other permanent attractions spread throughout the park. This is the centerpiece of the city and what has made Indianapolis a unique and charming city.

Indianapolis Speedway Museum

Right on the grounds of the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway lies the amazing Speedway Museum which is an absolute must for anyone visiting Indianapolis. The museum will give you a complete history of this iconic speedway, including all the different racing eras. A number of motorcycles, dragsters, and cars that have set land speed records are on display here. You can spend many hours at this museum and not get bored, examining classic cars and learning about the history of this amazing track. If camper rental travel is all about having fun and learning, then you will get in both aspects here.

Indianapolis Art Center

This is one of the largest community arts centers in the country, and here you will find a great number of classes, programs, and events to experience and take part in. There are workshops provided here by world renowned artists. There are also three huge galleries here with a massive amount of works on display at all times, plus a large auditorium putting on special shows and presentations and a library featuring thousands of art books, a lot of them hard to find and unique to the Center. If you wish to get outside you can check out the sculpture garden which features an eclectic selection of local arts. Indianapolis has long been known as an artsy city, and the Community Center proves it with its massive selection and bustling vibe.

Lockerbie Square Historic District

The architecture in this pleasant neighborhood has long been famous, and it won’t take you long to see why after you’ve set foot here. This is one of Indianapolis’s most famous neighborhoods and is known for its Queen Anne architecture stretching for many blocks of historical houses. You can take a walking tour that will give you a look at all the major attractions in the area and also get the chance to explore some of the historic buildings. Or you can simply stroll around this pleasant and colorful neighborhood full of colorful houses and lush little parks. Also recommended is the Whitcomb Riley Museum which was home to the renowned poet and has been transformed into a great little museum featuring elegant Victorian architecture and original features.

Indianapolis has long been known as a great place for camper rental travelers to stop off and enjoy some culture while traveling in the Midwest. This picturesque and friendly city is home to some of the finest museums in the country, not to mention one of the top urban parks in America. There are a number of eclectic neighborhoods to explore and much activities to take part in no matter your tastes. Make sure to keep Indy on your list for places to hit.

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