The World’s Most Expensive Shoes Made from Gold

Dubai is known as the shopping Mecca of the Middle East. The United Arab Emirates is known as the richest country in the world. The city of Dubai is estimated to hold 4 million barrels of the country’s oil. Besides oil, Dubai is also famous for its gold. There’s myriad of things that are made of gold that you can only find in Dubai. For instance, the world’s most expensive shoes is made by Jada Dubai, an exclusive jewellery design store in Dubai. The shoe which is made of Silk and Diamonds has a $17 million price tag. The stilettos are trimmed with sparking diamonds and are absolutely stunning to look at. They however might not be the only decadent thing you can find in Dubai. You can eat, drink or have gold massaged into your face for that youthful and glowing skin. You can be dripping in gold from head to toe.

Jada Dubai’s golden shoe comes in a number of European sizes from size 36 upwards. Each shoe has 236 real diamonds and a 15 carat flawless D-diamond near the pointy front. The Chief Executive Director of Passion Jewellers that supply the diamond plans to offer custom designed shoes made with sapphires, rubies and other gem stones.

Who came up with the idea of a gold shoe and why? The design genius behind this is Maria Majari a 26-year old British-Romanian fashion designer, co-founder and creative director of Jada Dubai. She had noticed that there was a gap in the clothing and bags market. There was nothing being done about the shoes. With Dubai being the hub of fashion in the middle east and with Dubai’s love for gold and opulence it made sense for something ground-breaking like golden shoes coming from Dubai. The luxury footwear was designed and by Jada Dubai in Collaboration with Passion Jewellers it took them nine months to design and create the first prototype. The title of most expensive shoe was held by the Debbie Wingham high heels which were worth $15.1 million. Custom made heels will have the perfect shape, perfect heel and perfect fit. They will be comfortable enough to wear, even the logos inside the heels are made with very thin gold so they are comfortable to walk in.

Not everyone can afford $17 million shoes but these aren’t the first and only gold shoes ever made. Italian Designer, Antonio Vietri has been making some cool shoes with 24-carat gold. The gold is stitched into the shoe, it is not applied as an accessory but is an integral part of the shoe. The Vietri shoes are made with 230 grams of 24 karat gold. The shoes retail from $27,000 to $32,000. They come in a black lacquered box and may be delivered by helicopter. Talk about exclusivity!

If you have a shoe fetish and you love gold then you need to have Vietri gold shoes, however if money is no object then you can be one of very few people to own a pair of those $17 million Passion Diamond Shoes. This news article was brought to you by the Melbourne Gold Company.

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