The Story of a Spinal TB Patient Empowering Herself through Crowdfunding

Did you know that tuberculosis is one of the top three leading causes of death among women aged between 15 and 44? WHO estimates that a total of 9 million people are infected every year, and a third of them miss out on quality healthcare.

This contagious disease can be treated with regular doses of antibiotics, if diagnosed early, but it can still take the better part of a year to fully recover. Since TB is an airborne pathogen and symptoms are relatively mild for months, over this time, it’s common for patients to affect at least ten other people they come into contact with. Symptoms are fairly easy to spot. If your cough lasts longer than a fortnight, if you are constantly feverish and fatigued, sweaty at night or if you’ve coughed up blood or lost your appetite, chances are, you could have tuberculosis.

Though tuberculosis originally affects the lungs, the infection can spread to the brain and spine. While a healthy immune system can fight TB germs, a vulnerable one may not only get affected, but also find it spreading to the brain or spine, making it more dangerous. Individuals with HIV, diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, low body weight or low immunity may find it difficult to fight off TB. Such severely affected individuals need extensive care over months to regain their health.

Anita’s inspiring fundraising story

Tuberculosis of the spine is one of the neurological complications most dreaded by doctors and patients alike. After Anita was diagnosed with TB, she was hit by a second blow when doctors found that she was suffering paraplegia, a common effect of spinal TB. The condition was stealing the life from her legs, and life turned bleak. Previously a workaholic employee accustomed to an active lifestyle, Anita now spends her days bedridden, fighting the depression that threatened to overpower her.

Choosing to take charge of her situation rather than wait for a miracle, Anita launched a crowdfunding campaign on Impact Guru’s global platform. Over the past decade, crowdfunding has been quickly gaining popularity. The trend became an economical and convenient option for patients like Anita who are looking to raise funds for their expensive medical procedures.

Did you know that 80% of the world’s TB patients live in the 20 least developed countries in the world, including India. In India alone, top medical crowdfunding websites like Impact Guru have collectively raised crores of rupees towards healthcare solutions for TB patients like Anita, from low and middle income families. Join the crowd of givers today; empower yourself or a loved one with the means to afford necessary healthcare through crowdfunding.

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