The performance of Denver Broncos after Elmway

An American Football team from Colorado started its career in the year 1960, and today emerged to become one of the most successful teams in the National Football League. They gained most popularity in the Elmway era along with the help of Dan Reeves who stood at the helm of fame during these years. Elmway also came to be known as the strongest and most agile quarterback of the franchise. After the Elmway-Reeves era, they have not seen such heights in their career, but still, they have maintained that strength which was inculcated into the team during the year of 1983-98.

Post-Elmway, when he retired in the year 1998, the team lost in the year 1999. During Plummer in the quarterback position, the Denver Broncos game by game prediction was right and they won the AFC West Division final after 1998. In the same year, they went onto win the Super Bowl final and denying the defending champions New England Patriots a chance to win the cup three times in a row. They build such a strong defense for the seasons to come in the next five years that it established an NFL record of only one touchdown in the first five games of 2006.

They had to incur some losses in terms of players, matches, and coaches in the next years due to injured players and quarterbacks who were not capable to play with efficiency and strength. The major setback for the team was when they had to fire their coach who assisted them for 14 successful seasons.  The successive head coaches Josh McDaniel and quarterback Kyle Orton lead to some surprising victories for the team, but they again went to lose in the consecutive seasons and not emerging as victorious in any of the finals. With Peyton Manning as their quarterback, the Denver Broncos lost by a big margin in the Super Bowl Games to Seattle Seahawks.

The tides turned under Gary Kubiak, who after coming into the team initiated major changes in the staff and the team, Gary hired a defensive coach Wade Phillips, who guided the team attaint the first rank in best defense category.

The Denver Broncos Preview roster of the 2016 season had to be changed many times; currently, the Denver Broncos has gone back to their defensive stand and hired Case Keenum as their new quarterback.

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