The Methodology of IVF for Child Conception & Cost  

A precise look at the IVF “In Vitro Fertilization” treatment details a simple process of conception. Ideally, the procedure is technical, complex and requires a team of fertility experts to bear the desired results. According to statistics, IVF has emerged as the best infertility treatment worldwide, with hundreds of children being born annually. India, particularly, is one of the top destinations for IVF treatment known for it’s cost-effective and world-class treatments.

In Vitro Fertilization “IVF” for Conception

IVF is a treatment with standard protocols that tasks a fertility expert to identify the source of infertility in a couple. The process of IVF then takes place in the laboratory where a doctor combines the female eggs and the male sperms in a petri dish for fertilization to occur. The formed embryo will then be transferred back to the woman’s womb for development.

The IVF Protocols “Procedure”- Step by Step

For any couple with an inability to conceive, the following steps should serve as a guide before you embark on IVF treatment at the IVF centre in India to combat infertility.  

Step 1- Consultation & Examination

During your first visit to the IVF centre, the fertility expert will pose a number of questions in order to know the period for which you have been trying to conceive. The period is usually emotional, but the fertility expert will stand by your side.

Having understood your situation, the fertility expert may require an ultrasound or other procedures to look at the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, uterus, and tests to look at your hormonal levels.

Step 2- Birth Control Pills

Fertility experts usually prescribe birth control pills for women as an approach of preventing or reducing the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. The pills are prescribed as the doctor may find required.

Step 3- Ultrasound & Blood Work

The IVF treatment cycle normally begins on the first day of a woman’s menstrual period. On a subsequent day, several blood tests will be conducted to look at the estrogen levels or any other hormone. The ultrasound is conducted to look at the ovary size and detect any cysts in case present.

Step 4- Ovarian Stimulation

Ovarian stimulation is induced by fertility drugs such as Follistim, Femera, and Lupron. (Clomid and gonadotropin). These drugs are meant to bring about follicle development in the ovaries and produce the required eggs for the IVF process. The woman’s dosage may be increased or decreased as the doctor may find it necessary.

Step 4- Egg Retrieval

The woman is given drugs and monitored carefully to ascertain the maturation stage. The eggs will then be retrieved after a trigger shot and an ultrasound.

The eggs are normally retrieved after the administration of an hCG injection. The egg retrieval procedure is painless and certainly minimally invasive. A needle is used by the doctor to aspirate fluid and Ooctye from the follicle.  

Step 5- Ooctye Examination & Spem Collection

The embryologist will examine the eggs and leave them for further maturation. The male partner will have to provide his sperms either via masturbation or surgical intervention.

Step 6- Fertilization

The eggs and the sperms are combined in a petri dish and left for fertilization. Once the embryos develop, they are carefully examined and analyzed by the embryologist.

Step 7- Transfer

At least 3 embryos are transferred to the woman’s uterus with the help of a catheter. Progesterone supplements are prescribed for a few weeks in case the pregnancy test turns out positive.

The IVF Cost in Advanced IVF Centres

Sincerely, the IVF Cost in India is quite affordable and cost-effective for a majority of the couples. Unlike in other centres, IVF treatments in advanced centres are championed by expertize and excellence. There are generally reduced chances of failure.

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