The importance of corrugated boxes in shipping

Shipping is the process in which goods are moved commercially to desired locations. Shipping plays a major role now a day due to the ‘n’ number of online purchases happening on a daily basis. A client orders some products -through websites – & does online payment. This ordered product is made to reach the doorsteps of the client by companies via shipping the products to desired places. There will be many orders placed from a particular region. Products are shipped to this particular region in bulk and the individual packages are taken from there and distributed to the client who ordered products (by representatives of the company in each location).

Corrugated Boxes

Shipping is done in bulk as mentioned above and thereby demands proper packaging & labeling of products. Otherwise a company will undergo immense loss due to unwanted confusions & because of damaged products received by customers. Corrugated boxes are the boxes used for packing products properly before transporting / shipping them to different regions. The right corrugated box bought from Corrugated Box manufacturers in India has to be used according to the situation in hand. For selecting the right corrugated box you need to know the various kinds of corrugated boxes, its versions and their uses. Let us take a look on the same.

Types of corrugated boxes

There are several kinds of corrugated boxes. Most important ones are given below.

  1. Full Overlap Corrugated box
  2. Half slotted corrugated box
  3. Full telescope corrugated box
  4. Partial telescope corrugated box

Full Overlap Corrugated box

The major flaps of these kinds of boxes overlap fully. The two advantages of the FOL or full overlap corrugated boxes are:

  • The full overlap flaps of the FOL corrugated boxes offer extra stacking strength
  • The full overlap flaps of the FOL corrugated boxes offer extra stacking strength

Half slotted corrugated box

The half slotted corrugated boxes or the HSC containers have only one flap-set. The containers are therefore semi open (towards the upper part). They are useful in creating telescope boxes – where the upper part has to be semi-open.

Full telescope corrugated box

Such corrugated boxes have two completely telescopic parts (one part getting placed perfectly over another). Such telescopic parts are made with the help of die-cut locks, staples, adhesive etc. These boxes are used as containers in food, handloom & many other industries for packing food, clothes & other materials.

Partial telescope corrugated box

The name itself denotes that they have part that partially telescope over another part. These boxes too have two parts (which are telescopic in nature).

Variations in structure

The corrugated boxes are modified in architecture for serving various other needs too. Some of them are given below.

  • Corrugated tray
  • Corrugated corner pads
  • Die cut shapes

Corrugated tray

Corrugated tray is mostly used with shrink wraps. They suit display purposes -as they act as containers without any slaps or covering.

Corrugated corner pads

Corrugated corner pads provide product support. They serve cushioning needs.

Die cut shapes

The applications of die cut shapes are huge! They are used by almost all companies for emphasizing their brand names on product packages, covers & other items.

You can gather wooden pallets from Wooden Pallets Supplier in India for supporting the corrugated-box-packed goods in a stable manner (while loading them for shipment). The corrugated boxes play a major role in safekeeping products during the shipment process. They not only guard the products but also protect your company brand name by avoiding product damage. This in turn prevents return of a specific item by client & thereby increases your credibility. You gather immense love & support of customers and the same help your company in prospering well. Your customer time is precious and your money is valuable! Hence invest well in buying good corrugated boxes from reputed manufacturers.

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