The Basics About How To Buy Lathe Machines

The machining industry would have no meaning if lathes were not invented. So it is important to know the basics before deciding to buy a lathe machine.

If you compare the characteristics of a lathe machine to that of a milling machine you will find that the lathe makes the work piece turn and not the tool, which does not happen in case of the other one. Therefore the working of a lathe is also called turning. The process is used to produce round, cylindrical parts.

A Lathe Machine is most likely to be bought first in a new engineering workshop. It is the centerpiece around whish all the work happens. This is the reason which makes choosing the right lathe machine of utmost importance. This article will help you make your best choice while buying your first lathe machine.

Think about why you need a Lathe

A lathe is the mother of all engineering machines. And this is because it is the most versatile machine. You can turn, bore, grind, face and part off using it. You can even turn it into a milling machine with some minor modifications.

Things you should consider before buying a lathe machine are:

  1. The space of your workshop where you will keep your machine should be nearly as big and have strong foundation.
  2. Capacity of the machine should be more than the maximum workload to make sure the work is done effectively.
  3. The machine should not be hard for you to use. If you are buying it for the first time consider buying the one with variable speed rather than the geared one.
  4. Think about the type of job you are planning to do with your lathe machine before deciding on its size
  5. As size is inversely proportionate to speed.
  6. Plan the budget in a way so that you can keep aside some money to buy any accessories needed to enhance the performance of your machine.

Features of a good lathe

After understanding the needs let us move on to the main features of a good Lathe Machine should have.

  1. A rigid construction: A good engineering lathe should be constructed with nothing but steel and cast iron. Proper weight and stability will allow the machine to absorb any vibration from the motor and while cutting.
  2. Bed design: The machines come in two main bed designs, the flat bed and the V bed. The V bed is preferred for its strength and rigidity.
  3. The motor power: Keep in mind to buy a lathe with a high torque motor.

Capacities to look for

You should look for these capacities in a lathe:

  • The distance from the center of the chuck to the bed should be according to your task
  • The maximum swing diameter over the carriage
  • Knowing the distance between the centers to accommodate the maximum length of material

As a Lathe Machine will be a key machine in your workshop buying a quality machine should be your first choice.

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