Ten Essential Questions to Ask Before Doing an Online MBA Program

One thing for sure is that not all online MBA programs are the same. There are several things that one needs to look at in order to determine which online MBA is really worth doing.

Is the institution accredited by AACSB? First of all, you should check whether the school is AACSB accredited. This is very straightforward; any program that is not accredited is likely to be a waste of your time and money. Employers do look if an institution is accredited and they may not be in a hurry to employ a person who did their MBA in such an institution.

Is the award of the degree same as full-time MBA graduates? It is another important question to consider before enrolling for an online MBA. The ideal situation is that an online degree should be indistinguishable from a full-time MBA. This is because they do take similar courses hence degree should be the same.

What follows after students have completed the program? Students who are aspiring to become business experts benefit a lot. The school should provide one with statistics of how many students have completed an online program and what are the rates of job placement. Also, find out about job promotion rates and salary increments.

What services are offered? Students who undertake an online program do not have the privilege of rubbing shoulders with on-campus recruiters.  This normally takes place during social events and people get the chance to drop off their resumes to be reviewed. Find out what exactly online programs have to offer students who are off campus. Need to know how to access the career resource center and be able to sign in and register for interviews. Check whether career services staff can accommodate MBA with non-standard hours.  Also, have in mind that online programs are technology-based and you are going to use your computer a lot. Ensure that you have up to date software and if it fails at night, is there a help desk that can assist you so that you can continue with your studies. Remember that you are also paying fees; you need to ask yourself these questions before enrolling.

What type of technology is used in the school? An online MBA program at Southern New Hampshire University does rely heavily on digital communication. Many of the interaction will be virtually interacting with the professors and peers. You need to have these exchanges be seamless and without any glitches. Some schools have tech teams that are dedicated to supporting online platforms. There are schools that offer prerecorded lecturers while others have live programs that allow one to interact. You need to find out the number of asynchronous learners in synchronous. Independent learning offers more flexibility as one can get a prerecorded video and go take the studies at their own pleasure anytime they feel like.

Who is going to teach the program? In most cases, the same instructors that teach full-time students are the same ones to give instructions and guidelines to online programs. One should be keen to get to know who exactly is going to guide. You will be able to tell whether it is on top of the cream or you have become the faculty dumping ground.

What is the number of hours expected to cover every week? You will find that most schools expect one to cover the same amount of requirements for an online program equal to a full-time MBA. The main difference is how this information is packaged and that’s how scheduling comes in. Depending on how hectic your current life is, you will be able to manage to cover coursework. In some schools, students are expected to cover 10 hours per week of class time; this is mostly done on synchronous sessions.

Online MBA programs like the ones offered at the Southern New Hampshire University require students to attend multiple on-campus residencies.

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