Technical support

In addition to help from programmes like National Farming Advisory Services (NAADs) or perhaps the out grower using the “lead” farm, specific technical support for the sector might be acquired inside the EU Injuries protection programme: protection. The Non-public injuries protection programme provides support by means of cost discussing to pay for price of technical assistance and training since the investor offers the infrastructure along with the capital.


Excellent Profit and Return on capital

Based on a monetary model we’ve developed (at I estimate the next:

Start-up Capital (A): Shs.13,538,374

Profit each year (B): Shs. 52,488,422

RoiOrFunds (a lengthy time for you to obtain capital back) (A/B): .26 years

Essentially, you will probably return your start-up capital within 3 a few days.

The model draws on among others:

As an out grower having a farm that exports say chillies

Inter-popping. You inter crop the primary export crop along with other vegetables and fruits and so earn other earnings and

Irrigation. Weather trends are more and more more unpredictable during Uganda. Irrigation equipment acquainted with start at $4,500 but products like the “money maker” question pump costs $150.This will make it affordable for the smaller sized sized sized player in Uganda.

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