Specific ways where you can help charities

Crowdfunding is one of the latest and best ways in which you can raise money for your cause. In this process, many people come together to pay small amounts of money in order to raise a large sum which no one person could have contributed. Crowdfunding is important as it has enabled healthcare, education and a lot of other benefits for many people.

Charities are organizations that aim to give money and things to people. Often they provide services for free like education, healthcare and much more. Charities have flourished all over the world for centuries and have always been linked to religion and sometimes to the state (before the emergence of the welfare state).

However, the reduction in the religiosity of people in the past half a century has resulted in charity funds drying up, as most of them are run by religious institutions. However, people are giving money more than ever.

In other words, people have not become selfish. Charities have a bit of difficulty in reaching out to people who can donate money. This is why it is so essential for charities to be active on the internet. Much of the giving economy is existent on the internet now a days. Ignoring it would be foolhardy.

The average charity needs to have the know how required to raise funds on the internet. They need young, motivated people to do the same. This is why they need volunteers who have the their heart in the right place. They need to attract younger audiences who are more likely to make small, but many contributions.

Crowdfunding is one way in which charities can be helped. If you are a person interested on contributing to charitable work, you could start a fundraiser for your charity. Crowdfunding in India is done through fundraising sites like Impact Guru, Milaap, Ketto etc.

There are other sites too which are internationally based. You have to start a fundraising campaign in any of these. However, be sure that your campaign and the platform are a right fit. The platform should have the expertise and experience to handle a campaign like yours. Researching a crowdfunding platform before starting a campaign there is a good idea.

Let the charity know that you have started a campaign for them. Ask them to provide you with backup in the form of a team. If you can arrange a team by yourself, you need not do this.

Having a team is really important in any crowdfunding campaign as it allows you to get wider access and reach more people. Your team can also cover for you when you are busy. Fundraising in India needs a lot of tenacity and doing it with a team helps a lot.

If you really want greater popularity for your charity and its campaign, you should contact celebrities, internet personas and small businesses to promote your campaign. Before you do this, you need an idea of the demographic of the followers of these people.

If the demographic suits your cause, you should approach the person, explain to them how this campaign would boost their image and get more contributors for yourself too. These are some handy tricks that you need to know when you are crowdfunding for charities.

Remember to be on time with the replies to your emails and never ignore the enquiry of a contributor. This will tarnish not just the campaign but also the reputation of the charity itself. This is why you should be super responsible with crowdfunding campaigns. All said and done, crowdfunding is a great way to raise money for your cause as it is risk free and low investment.

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