Questions That You Need to Ask Before Hiring an Online Tutor

With new advancement in technology, many things that we could not imagine earlier are now possible easily. With the help of internet, you can get connected instantly with anybody in the world with just a click of the mouse.

Online tutoring is one such thing that any student can avail as there are many numbers of websites providing this service. They have hired professional teachers in every field and by availing their services you can get tutoring in all subjects. The best part is that you can get connected to your tutor at any time that is convenient to you.

However, before you select any online tutor, you must ask following few questions.

  1. What is your academic qualification?

Before hiring an online tutor first thing to know is about his qualification and experience. It will be nice to know about his background and experience in detail so that he is relevant to your course.

  1. Which is the preferred language to be used?

It is essential that you understand the teacher well and therefore you must ask whether he can explain you in the language that you feel more comfortable.

  1. From which part of the world you are from?

It is better to know the ethnic region from where the teacher is from so that you can understand his accent and get easily connected to.

  1. What kind of hardware or software will be needed for tutoring?

Whether there is any special hardware/software needed for tutoring.

  1. What is your schedule timing?

Make sure that his availability is matching with you.

  1. What are your fees and other charges?

It is very important to know his charges including any hidden charges.

  1. Can you give any reference?

Ask for any reference so that you can get feedback about the teacher.

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