Preparing Your Dog for Doggie Day Care

Your furry friend is going to doggie day care for the first time and you are anxious to make sure that she is not only comfortable but happy too – what can you do to prepare her? First, you shouldn’t worry so much. Dog day care centers are perfect places for dogs because they are cared for, they get to play and they socialize with other animals. That said, if your dog has never been it can be quite stressful for her the first few days, but there are certain things you can do to make sure that she adjusts and gets to love her new surroundings:

Start with half day then eventually she can stay all day

Your dog has never had to spend time away from home and yanking her away for whole days all at once can cause undue stress. You can ease her into her new environment by dropping her off for a few hours every day and then over time, as she gets used to spending time with other dogs you can let her stay for full days.

Make sure that your pooch is properly hydrated

When your dog is at home she drinks water any time she wants to because she knows where to find it. When she goes off to doggie day care she may get very thirsty because she doesn’t know where she can have a drink. When you bring her bring along her water bowl and make sure it’s full before you leave. Remind her minder to refill the bowl so that your dog is hydrated at all times.

Don’t rush your dog or get impatient

Dogs are like people – some are able to fit in very fast while for others it takes time. Give your pet time to sniff out her companions and decide who she likes best. Be around to observe the first few times – you know your dog best and you can pick up on troubling or uncomfortable body language.

Make sure she is trained

If you want to check your dog into doggie day care and she isn’t trained she may get into trouble. You should find one where they can train her so that she can socialize with other dogs and also with strangers. Otherwise train her at home yourself and make sure that she can obey basic commands like “come” and “sit”.

Be relaxed in the morning

Dogs pick up stress cues from their owners; if you wake up all hustled and stressed your dog will feel it and she will not be happy when you drop her off at dog day care. Instead, give yourselves enough time to prepare without rushing and make sure that you are both calm and relaxed.

Getting copies of your pet’s medical history

You may assume that because your dog is healthy there is no need to let the doggie day care manager know more about her. It is important to provide vet records so that in case there is a problem while you are away the vet has the information that he needs to take proper action.

Make sure that your dog will be in a clean environment all day

The best dog care facilities clean everything overnight before morning check-in and then clean again once dogs go down for their naps. It is the only way to ensure that diseases are not passed between pets. If, however, you notice symptoms after your dog has been to doggie day care you should consult a vet right away.

Find out about food

There are some dog care centers that don’t allow food at all so you have to feed your pooch before you leave home. Others feed pets 2 or 3 times a day. You should choose the one where your dog will be most comfortable.

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