Portrait of a Woman’s Beauty

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. In the same way, the portrait of a woman’s beauty can be either be sketched or drawn through words.

Some say that beauty of a woman lies in the perception of the human being. If they respect woman, a woman’s beauty is magnified. But if a woman is disrespected, the portrait becomes a huge mess and disaster.


Some may perceive that the beauty of a woman lies in her face, while some others might think that her beauty lies in her figure and body. There still a minority of people that exist to think that however a woman maybe, she is beautiful in her own way.

Some might even think that there is beauty in the grace and style that she carries. Some singers or poets have even described it as ‘she walks in beauty’. The angle of beauty or the perception is taught at home through the respect or stature given to women at home.

In some cultures, women are worshipped like goddesses while like servants in some. Years back, women education was not considered right. But today, despite of the financial conditions, every male wants their women to be literate and educated.

In search of love

Once a woman is loved from a true heart, nothing more is enough for her. No materialistic object can equalize this love. Not every woman is loved truly in today’s generation. It is that physical beauty betrays the beauty of love. Hence, women end up being cheated or cheat others.

This may be due to search of their true love like that of the Evangeline poem.

Also witches have made it convenient in finding one’s true love. They seem to have good powers like binding the cosmic energies of the partners while some bad powers like that of voodoo or black magic for acquiring the love of their desired partners.

Love maybe short lived with the wrong partner, but it shall stay till eternity when the right partner is found. The chemistry in a couple does not click overnight; it is the understanding and the balancing process which keeps it going till the end.

Writing an essay

Portrait of a woman and her beauty cannot be depicted in an essay. Every person is unique and different in their perceptions. And there does not exist any success essay depicting the portrait or beauty of a woman.

Such essays might depict success upon achievement of work but not success upon how a woman’s beauty should be perceived and a portrait should be drawn over the same.

Empowering women towards achieving their goals is also a form of appreciating there beauty.

Complimenting, thanking and acknowledging their efforts in managing errands shall not only make them happy but also make them feel important by their presence. Taking a woman for granted, is not appreciating her. If a son or a daughter is taught to respect his or her mother, they will. Else, disrespect her like others in the house which hurts her even more.

Women are strong as they have the ability to give birth to yet another human. They also are emotionally strong and do not express all their feelings in front of others. This is one reason why they should be appreciated and loved.

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