Pool Supplies That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked  

There is nothing great than having a swimming pool in your backyard; but, to make your experience more enjoyable, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve the right type of pool supplies for cleaning and maintaining it. Here is a list of the essential pool supplies that help in keeping your swimming pool looking flawless all season!

–Pool Water Chemicals: Pool chemicals such as bromine, chlorine, water clarifier, PH adjusters, Algaecides, and balancing agents are an integral part of a healthy pool. They help keep the water sparkling clean and free of pathogens like bacteria, which cause cloudiness, skin and eye irritation, and worst of it all, damage to the pool itself.

–Pool Heaters: A pool heater will help keep your pool warm and welcoming no matter what the weather is like. Among the available pool heater supplies are gas heaters, solar heaters, and heat pumps. A gas heater can heat up the pool much faster compared to solar or heat pump heaters. Thus, consult with your local pool supplier and ask them to recommend the right heater that will suit your need.

–Pump and Filter: A pump and filtration system ensures that your pool looks crystal-clear at all time. This is achieved by passing the water via strainers, filters and then re-distributed to the swimming pool once it is purified. With the various options available such as above ground and in-ground pumps, and single-speed and variable-speed pumps, make sure to check their efficiencies for the size of your pool before making a purchase.

— Cleaning Supplies: There are two ways you can clean a pool: You can opt for an automatic pool cleaner or do-it-yourself with a manual cleaner. An automatic cleaner operates by moving around the bottom of the pool, and suck dirt as it accumulates. On the other hand, a manual vacuum attaches to a filtration system, and much like vacuuming your carpet, you simply run it over the bottom of the pool to remove dirt.

A pool skimmer net is also necessary for removing floating leaves and insects that find their way into your swimming pool.

–Quality Pool Cover: A pool cover is a nice addition to your pool supplies because it helps prevent drowning and keep debris out of the water. While there are many types to choose from, the best covers help maintain comfortable temperatures even after summer.

You Can Rely On Poolwerx

If you’re looking to prolong your swimming season with an energy-efficient pool heater, needs an automatic or manual-pool cleaner, or shopping for a replacement or new pump to circulate your pool water, Poolwerx is your one-stop-shop for name brand pool supplies from the industry’s top manufacturers. You can count on us when you need;

  • Chemicals
  • Cleaners
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  • Maintenance items
  • Pool equipment
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  • And more…

Poolwerx is committed to making sure all aspects of projects are up to our clients’ standards and, at an affordable rate. Please visit our store or contact us today for more information.


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