Oil expeller machines are used for extracting cooking oil  

Oil is used for various works but mainly cooking oil is utilized in the homes for cooking purposes. It is added in different food items to make it tasty. Usually, it is used to fry the foods or to make dressing of salad. A few of the plants are used for obtaining this kind of oil such as olives, peanuts, sunflower or mustard.

Some of the oils are available newly due to the advancement in oil expeller technology. With the aid of technology extraction of the oils has become very efficient. Basically, raw materials are required to take out the oils like peanuts are needed for peanut oil extraction, sunflower for sunflower oil and cotton for cotton oil. The bottle of the oil contains only oil no preservatives or flavorings are mixed.

Cleaning, grinding or pressing

These three are significant steps required for the process of oil manufacturing. Oil seeds are passed over magnets before they de skinned. Impurities are removed before the oil is pressed out. Then, the material is sent into screw press for pressing and it increases the pressure so that the oil will be obtained easily.

Taking out the oil with solvent extraction

In the case of soya beans solvent extraction process is used as it contains little amount of oil in them. Most of the seeds that contain enough oil content are pressed. After extracting oil from the press the remaining oil cake is processed by solvent oil extraction machinery in order to get maximum yield.  

Eradicating traces of solvent

Solvent left in the oil evaporates and collected for using it again. Thus, when it condenses it get collected for further use.  

Oil is sent for refining

Next the oil is refined for removing the color as well as odor. In the refining the oil is heated and later on it is dried. After this, it is packed by transferring into clean containers. Plastic bottles of domestic oils are packed and sold into the supermarkets or other quality stores. It is stored in cans for importing.  

By- product of oil

Oil seed cake is by product which is left after extracting the oil. It is used to feed the animal and rest is disposed of simply. It is also rich in protein and other nutrients. In case of cotton seeds the waste material is used for making yarns that later includes in products like mattresses.    

Regulating the oil quality

The quality of the seeds and nuts are marked after harvesting the seeds. It is vital to note the fat of the seeds content. Seeds should not be stored for long time as their quality gets destroyed or there will be loss of nutrients. If storage of seeds is done for short time then temperature, humidity and moisture level should be checked. Moreover, the seeds should also have low moisture content.   

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