Make those Dental New Years Resolutions

It has been said that the only the only New Year’s resolution that is a sure bet for most people is to resolve to never make any more new year’s resolutions. But, the dentist surprise AZ want to encourage everyone to at least make a few resolutions that will insure the health of your smile.

Schedule Regular Dental Visits

This dental new year’s resolution requires just a couple of hours twice a year and could spare you from losing two of your most valuable resources – time and money. By keeping a couple of appointments with our dentist surprise AZ you may be able to avoid oral disease that you were unaware of. Plus, a regular visit to the dentist often prevents such problems from ever occurring.

Be visiting Surprise Dental and Denture every six months our dentist and dental hygienists can monitor your oral health. Should they find a problem, we can implement a treatment plan or, if need be refer you to a specialist.

Be Proactive about your Own Dental Hygiene Habits

There is no better time to establish a proper dental hygiene than now. This should include:

  • Brush twice daily with an appropriately sized, manual or electric toothbrush. Remember to position your toothbrush bristles at a 45-degree angle toward the gumline.
  • Always replace your toothbrush after you have had a cold or the flu. You should get a new toothbrush at least every three to four months.
  • Floss at least once per day.
  • Antimicrobial and fluoride mouth rinses also help to improve your oral health.

Watch what you Eat and Drink

This is especially true when you have snacks where you cannot brush your teeth. Beverages and foods that are high in acids and carbohydrates contribute to tooth decay, so monitor those closely. If brushing is not an option, a lozenge or gum that contains Xylito helps reduce cavity-causing bacteria, neutralize acids, and prevent plaque buildup.

Drop those Tobacco Products

If you smoke or use smokeless tobacco, few things will help you smile more than quitting. We know how difficult giving up tobacco can be so we are glad to offer advice on steps to take in making this important resolution.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Rest helps everyone to function, feel, and look better. If you are sleeping through the night but are still tired throughout the day, it’s possible that your problem is sleep apnea.  Often times a person is unaware they have this problem when a dentist can identify ir and prescribe a solution for this common problem.

Happy New Year! We want to help everyone keep their dental resolutions.

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