Keeping your kids safe from toxic chemicals


Surfactants?… Phthalates?… Petrochemicals?… You have heard of these substances before and you know they are bad for your kids, but do you know where they are hiding and how they enter your kids bodies? If you want to keep your children healthy, then these and many other substances should be kept away from your kids. Here are a few tips that will help you.

  1. Soaps

Soaps are necessary when you want to reduce the impact of bacteria on your kids’ health. You definitely don’t want them to get sick and making sure that children wash their hands several times per day plays a huge role in protecting them from getting a cold.

But there is a catch: conventional soaps are stuffed with harsh ingredients that enter your children’s bodies through their skin. Also, if you are using conventional dish soap it is likely that there is a chemical residue left on your plates that mixes in with any food that is served on them. Your kids will end up eating small amounts of chemicals with their food every day, slowly harming their young organs.

There are easy solutions to this problem. You can choose a natural soap that is made of solely safe ingredients. This way your kids’ skin does not absorb any dangerous substances. Likewise, you can use dish soap that is strictly natural. Following these two methods there will be no exposure to phthalates, sulfates, and parabens that would otherwise lead to mood swings, cause abnormal puberty, and fertility issues.

  1. Chlorine & chloramines

Other than dangerous chemicals in soap, your kids are also exposed to chorine and/or chloramine through the municipal water supply. The advantage of chlorine is that it kills germs, but this comes at a price. Chlorine has been found to cause cancer, asthma, eye, skin, & throat irritation, liver & kidney dysfunction, and fertility problems. Not what you want for your child.

The solution available is simple: install filters on your shower and bath spout or get a whole house filtration system to keep chlorine away from your children.

  1. Fluoride

As if chlorine was not enough in our drinking water, most cities also add fluoride to their water. Unfortunately, the major chemicals used to fluoridate municipal water are not pharmaceutical-grade fluoride products. Instead they are industrial by-products of the phosphate fertilizer industry.

This is not what you want your kids to drink or flush their mouths with when brushing their teeth. The result of exposure to fluoride is discoloration of the teeth known as dental fluorosis and a painful bone disease known as skeletal fluorosis.

Other dangers are a range of other chronic ailments including arthritis, bone fragility, dental fluorosis, glucose intolerance, gastrointestinal distress, thyroid disease, and possibly cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.

Here’s how to protect your kids: buy bottled water (this is a no-brainer). Alternatively you can install a reverse osmosis system in your home or a water filter that rids your drinking water of unwanted ingredients like fluoride.

If you follow these three steps you will protect your children’s health and along the way your health will improve as well.

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