Is it possible to donate the blood while taking medicinal cannabis?

Donating blood is a volunteer activity which is considered as a noble cause. Your donated blood could be used for different medical procedures and emergencies. Donating blood means you are saving someone’s life. In the previous time, when the HIV was newly introduced, most of the doctors don’t consider the transfusion of blood as safe. Therefore, the method of screening the blood started.

Well, according to the doctors if you are taking the medical cannabis, you are liable to donate the blood.

Things must be considered before donating the blood

Donating the blood is an appreciable thing. Before going for it, one should look out for the factors that allowed you to donate the blood.

  • You should weight right

Doctors always recommend a limit of weight that a person must have while donating. If you think that you don’t fall in that limit, then start gaining the weight.

  • You have to wait

If you are travelling somewhere and come back recently, then sorry it’s compulsory for you to wait for several months before going for donation.

  • Take a rest

No blood donation if you are suffering from any disease or sickness. Get the rest completely and after that come for donation.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

A well hydrated person has bigger veins that easily allow you the blood to flow out easily.

  • Wait for at least one hour

Like you do exercise after one hour of eating, the blood donation also requires you to wait for an hour. Taking a healthy meal not only improves your strength, but also makes you ready for donation.

The given factors prepare you for the blood donation. Your concern of donating blood after taking the medical cannabis could be clear by the doctors who know about it.

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