Is Accreditation Important for Business Schools?  

Many students tend to forget accreditation when applying to a graduate business school, but it is an important marker of a program’s reputation for academic excellence. A school who has earned this accreditation lets students know that they will be getting a high-quality education from a program that follows business’ core areas of competency. Here’s a little more information on accreditation and why it matters.

Accrediting Institutions

The most common accreditations for American colleges and universities are AASCB, or the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, and ACBSP, which stands for the Accreditation Council for College Schools and Businesses. These are internationally recognized accreditations that are difficult to for a business school to earn; currently, only 25 percent of US MBA business schools are accredited by either body.

America also has regional accreditation, but for business schools, independent accreditation is crucial for enrollment purposes. That’s because although most students don’t understand accreditation, companies certainly do. If employers focus on hiring people who have accredited degrees, that one move could have a drastic effect on gainful employment disclosures.

A Mark of Excellence

An MBA business school that earns one or more accreditations from independent bodies has a mark of excellence that makes it attractive to students and companies alike. The simple fact of having the recognition is enough to set any business school apart from its competitors.

As this article from The Independent states, more business schools are making themselves competitive by chasing accreditation. While the application process is long and requires a world-class education taught by experienced professors, along with a hefty application fee, the outcome is more than worth it for the business schools who earn the badge.

With competition comes better applicants. When well-researched students begin selecting their dream MBA business school with accreditations in mind, they will automatically choose schools with long-standing recognitions from different accrediting bodies. This also raises the school’s reputation, which can translate into better relationships with the business industry.

An Accredited MBA

For students, accreditation is a qualifying mark on an employment application. This is because businesses are familiar with accredited MBA business schools and prefer students who come from those schools. It also speaks to the comprehensive and rigorous education students have received. Businesses feel better about hiring students who have focused on the core areas of competency.

The MBA from an accredited business school is vital to a graduate’s success. While many unaccredited schools still offer a great education, that recognition is the number one factor that bridges students with potential employers. It is therefore advised that students pay attention to accreditations and seek out an MBA business school that holds at least one recognition.

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