Indicators of bad poker players

Table selection is a vital aspect of today’s poker game. Here you make sure you are always playing against bad players. As you move up the limits, you need to learn how to identify weaker players. Do not be in haste, sit and pensively watch out for those players from the HUD that are playing too many hands and not rising. Anybody playing a minimum of 40% in their hands is a recreational bad player and such would be better playing against.

But what are the top signs of a really bad player?


It’s common knowledge in the world of poker that limping is always bad. It doesn’t make sense in any situation at all. Look out for limping especially open limping like MP, LP or SB, this would outwardly tell a bad player. There are some regs who will open limp from EP with a speculative hand, these are not very important,  look for chronic open limping and this is basically in positions where it least makes sense.

Posting a blind from a position

Another tell of a weaker player is when they can’t wait until the big blind comes to them before posting their blind. Poker is a game that continues and therefore paying for blinds more often than you ought doesn’t make sense. It’s actually like paying your taxes twice; no person in their right state of mind would do that.  When there are known weaker players at the table, it is possible that some regs may post in the CO but anyone posting a blind from any other position is definitely a weak player.

Buying-in for less than 100bob

In the previous years, it would make sense to play even at the lows of 20bob stack because one was able to ship over regulars who 3-bet too light. However, today a lot has changed with poker online game and this would be just like leaving money on the table.

Under-betting the pot post-flop

No good player would ever dare under-bet the pot post-flop because it gives the opponents no incentive to fold at all and thus clear odds to call. In a cash game, you should always ensure that you bet at least 1/2 of the pot for you to make a cut anything less than that would make little to no sense at all.

A smart poker player would have the tips at their fingertips of those weak players so that they can take advantage and make a kill.

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