How to put your prepaid plan to good use

We present simple tips to get the most out of your prepaid phone connection.

Smartphones have become the new normal in our country. Almost every second phone user uses a 3G/4G-enabled smartphone. With the high penetration of smartphones in the country, mobile service providers have rolled out a variety of prepaid and postpaid plans for users.

If you have a prepaid plan, here are some easy tips to maximise the pack:

* Recharge on time to stay connected. The only thing you need to watch out for in a prepaid connection is that you do the online recharge on time. The regular online recharge is often the only point of difference between the best prepaid and postpaid plans. Not recharging online on time can get your connection limited access to your contacts, websites, etc. and the Internet speeds may also drop. If your balance runs out completely, your connection is disconnected until the next online recharge.

* Save data when you’re running low. Most prepaid plans today offer a large daily data quota, but there may be times when the data is almost exhausted and the pack is still valid for a few more days. In this scenario, you should consider switching off mobile data and depending on Wi-Fi wherever possible. This works best if your home and college/office are powered by Wi-Fi.

* Get a high value, daily data pack. Another alternative to saving data, is to get a high value, high data pack in the first place. Airtel prepaid has the best packs that offer 1.4 GB data per day on online recharge. This is sufficient data to chat, use social media, watch or download audio and video files, work on the go, etc. Airtel also offers unlimited calling, as well as 100 SMSs per day. With a plan like this, you will not run out of data soon.

* Update apps using a Wi-Fi connection. Apps must be updated regularly to be able to provide you with the latest features. They will show an indication when an upgrade is available – you just need to access Google Play Store (for Android) or iTunes (for iPhones and iPads) to get the latest version of the same app. It is recommended that you update your apps regularly and in a whole bunch to save time. However, app updates consume quite a bit of data, which might become a problem if your data is already running low. Again, wait till you are in a Wi-Fi zone and then update all your apps at once. Switch off mobile data during this time.

* Watch out for heavy use sites. Some sites – Facebook, Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Netflix, gaming sites etc. – are ‘heavy’ because they offer several functionalities at once. They consume the most amount of data from your prepaid pack. If you have a conservative amount of data on your prepaid pack, then it might be a good idea to save it and not consume it on these sites and apps.

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