How to Help Your Daughter Prepare for Her First Meeting With a Modeling Agent

If your daughter wants to explore the world of fashion as a model, signing her up with a modeling agency is the best first step you can take. A reputable teen modeling agency will work with your child to maximize her potential as a professional model.

But even if your daughter is confident about her looks and talent, she may feel nervous about meeting a professional agent. This is particularly true for teenagers who will be meeting an agent for the first time.

To help your daughter prepare well for her first meeting with a modeling agent, here are some tips you should follow:

  1. Help your daughter practice

Meeting an agent is practically the same as going for a job interview. As such, you need to help your daughter ace this interview.

Help your daughter choose the best outfit for the meeting. Have your child practice walking at home since the agent may ask her to walk and pose. Let her run through her best poses and angles for photos as well since the agent may want to take some pictures of her during the initial meeting.

Your daughter will also be asked some personal questions during her first meeting with the agent. You, therefore, have to do some mock interviews at home. Anticipate the possible questions the agent will ask such as what quality your daughter is most proud of and her long-term plan for her potential career.

The agent may also ask what type of model your daughter wants to be. Help your daughter decide which modeling path or route she wants to take.

During preparation, it is important that you encourage your child to give answers that are honest and which best reflect her personality.   

  1. Look after your child’s health

Most modeling agents are not looking for the skinniest models today; they now want their models to be healthy. As such, it is important that you encourage your daughter to eat healthily and be physically active. Prepare healthy meals and snacks and make sure your child eats enough. Encourage her to stay hydrated all the time, too.

You can also take your daughter to her doctor to see if she needs any supplements that will help her stay healthy and have glowing skin – a quality that never fails to impress modeling agents.

  1. Encourage your daughter to go au naturel during the meeting

During the meeting, you want your daughter to be as close to her natural self as possible.  Explain to your child that her unique features may actually help her stand out from the others.

Modeling scouts recommend aspiring models to wear as little makeup as possible during the first meeting because the agent will want to see their skin. Remind your child to wear her hair down as well so that she can “play” with it when she will be asked to walk or take photos.

  1. Go over your daughter’s portfolio

One of the first things that the agent will want to see from your daughter is her portfolio.

Before the meeting, check your child’s portfolio. Make sure all the photos are interesting and representative of your daughter’s personal brand. Ensure that the portfolio has the latest pictures of your daughter as well.

  1. Arrive on time for the meeting

Modeling agents expect their talent to be punctual. Since you will be driving or accompanying your daughter to the meeting, make sure to arrive ten to 15 minutes before the appointment.

If you and your child are late, the agent will see your daughter as unprofessional and will be hesitant to accept her. You and your child should always remember that for actual modeling jobs, models cannot be late.

  1. Go over questions your daughter should ask the agent as well

Lastly, you and your child should come up with a list of questions you want to ask the agent. These should include:

  • The commission fee structure

  • Their specialization

  • The type of modeling jobs they get their models

  • How many jobs their models usually get every month

Keep in mind that this meeting is a two-way street. Although your daughter needs to impress the agent, you and your daughter should also be satisfied and feel confident about working with the potential agent.

Once your child signs up with a modeling agency, your work won’t stop there. If you want to support your daughter’s dreams of being a professional model, you need to continue helping and guiding her every step of the way.


Adam Jacobs is the Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, the longest running agency specialising in babies, children and teen talent in Australia. Bubblegum Casting works with some of Australia’s biggest brands, media properties and agencies to secure talented children to work in Television, Film and Modelling roles.

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