How Food Packing Boxes Are Better Than Plastic And Carry Bags

With the plastic ban being imposed in many Indian states, entrepreneurs are looking for eco-friendly options like food packing boxes to replace plastic carry bags.

87% of today’s consumers want to go green and save the environ and hence prefer eco-friendly packaging for food. This is why the best option is cardboard boxes for packing food. Food packing boxes come in several types – cake boxes, pastry boxes, sandwich takeaway boxes, wrap takeaway boxes, top open paper food boxes and side open food boxes.

Choose the best one to hold your food and keep it fresh till you eat.

Before you select the food cartons, be convinced about why food packing boxes are better than plastic carry bags.

Reasons why food packing boxes are better than plastic carry bags.

Food is packed in cardboard packing boxes for these reasons.

  1. Freshness

Carton boxes are made of paper pulp and are hence airy. They do not lock moisture like plastic bags. Hence food remains fresh in food packing boxes. Moisture makes food soggy and stale. By keeping the food in cardboard boxes, they remain fresh longer.

Foods that stay fresh in food packing boxes are

  1. Milk stays fresh in cartons. Clear plastic containers used for milk let in sunlight which destroys vitamin a and riboflavin, both of which are essential food ingredients. This is why milk is best packed in cartons.
  2. Eggs stay fresh in cartons on the shelf.
  3. Mushrooms do not rot if kept in cartons.
  4. Pastry and cakes have icing and chocolate layers which stay fresh best in cardboard cake boxes.
  5. Durability

Plastic carry bags are flimsy and thin. So the food inside gets damaged easily. Cardboard boxes are thick and durable and hold the food upright without damage. This is why cakes, pastries, sandwiches etc. Are packed in cardboard cartons. Cartons are ideal to transport food over long distances too.

  1. Eco-friendliness

Food carton boxes are 100% recyclable, is made of paper pulp. It can be recycled to again create new packaging materials without any harm to the environment.

  1.  Personalization

Cardboard boxes are highly customizable. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit the product. They can also be printed in various colours to suit the brand. They can be given waterproof or flame retardant coatings to enhance their strength.

  1. Better printing capability

Cardboards boxes support different graphics and printing technologies like offset, litho, screen and digital printing. This is why carton boxes are best used for brand promotion.

Though food packing boxes are printed using dyes, they are thick and do not allow the ink to seep into the food unlike in plastic carry bags.

  1. Easily transportable

The rectangular or square shape of the cardboard boxes make it easy for stacking, storing, loading and unloading in vehicles.

  1. Flexible

Cardboard boxes can be cut into any shape or taped or glued together. Being lightweight yet thick, they combine both flexibility and durability and are hence ideal for food packaging.

Food packing boxes are eco-friendly and economically and above all, totally organic and food safe. Eat healthily and store your food healthily by packing them in food packing boxes printed from an expert food packaging specialist to live a healthier life.

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