GPS for Cars Puts You in The Driver’s Seat

Whenever a company car rolls off your lot to go help customers, you are presented with a double-edged sword of reward and liability.  Obviously, your team needs to engage with the customer to make a sale, but each time they leave the lot they represent a liability once they are out on the road. 

Understanding which driver can be trusted behind the wheel and which employees should be sidelined to a desk far away from the parking lot. 

Simply stated, the best way to monitor the performance of your drivers while keeping physical track of your vehicle fleet,  GPS for cars provides an array of advantages for any business that is operating a fleet of cars for sales and service calls.

 Rather than wondering what is happening out on the road, a car GPS tracker can let you know exactly what is going on with your vehicles.

The Advantages of a Car GPS Tracker

Operating a fleet of cars can become a daunting logistical task in terms of tracking their location, knowing their maintenance status, and discovering whether they are operating along the most efficient routes.

GPS tracking systems give fleet managers unprecedented access to the ins-and-outs of their sales fleet, which allows them to track, in real time, the physical location of their vehicles.  With web management features that are intuitive to use, modern car GPS tracker systems offer built-in features that can’t be beat when it comes to completely managing your fleet.

  • Instant Alert Notifications
  • Historical Playback
  • High Resolution Mapping
  • Real Time Position Updates
  • Customized Reporting

Gone are the days of wondering whether your sales staff is out and about closing deals, or parked along the side of the road napping under the shade of a tree.  Having complete control of your assets regardless of where they might be parked in the city provides a strong measure of relief for fleet managers. 

Ease of Installation and Instant Access

One of the nice facets of modern GPS tracking systems involves their ease of use.  Indeed, complex wiring is not necessary with modern units owing to the fact that installation simply involves inserting a small and discreet tracking unit into each vehicle’s OBD slot.  Once installed, you are ready to start tracking.

Equally easy, once installed, modern car GPS tracker technology can be readily accessed via the Internet using any mobile device they may prefer.  As such, you can touch basis with your entire fleet of cars with the ease of switching on your Smartphone.

Technology is transforming the distribution of goods and services, and GPS for cars tracking technology is instrumental in knowing where your fleet is in their mission to deliver those goods and services.

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