Factors to consider when buying Persian rugs

Every place has a unique handcraft owing to the culture and the history of the people. Getting the perfect Persian is the trickiest thing. You could be overwhelmed with the many patterns and types in the market but this article comes to your rescue with the tips on how to choose the right Persian rug for your home. We give you the right ammunition for your bargain battle in the face of rug sellers.

As you make your purchases, consider the following

The knot count

The traditional Persian rugs are hand-woven and thus knot count is the most important feature you need to check for. 120Knots per inch is a good number for a quality rug. The easiest way to check for the knots is to flip the carpet and count the knots from the underside. You may not really count them but the backside will tell much more about the quality of the carpet. Look out for a rug with a soft backing and a few bigger knots, which is a confirmation that it is hand-woven.

The material

Wool, silk, or a blend of the two is the common hand-woven Persian rugs available. A pure silk rug will have a fine and shiny finish. However, due to its availability, wool is the commonly used material in making rugs and relatively cheaper. The two types of materials are the best for making carpets and thus don’t be confused by the machine made synthetic rugs which are highly flammable and would often give off tint.

The color

Natural dyes are used to make Persian carpets and therefore, as you choose a rug, ensure it has colors that come from nature. It could be the cochineal insects for red, the pomegranate shades of yellow or the indigo from plants. Natural dyes tend to coat the surface while the synthetic penetrate evenly. Just try bending the carpet and isolate a few fibers, subtle unevenness would tell you that you’re dealing with natural colors.


Rugman.com vary in prices depending on the size of the carpet, the style and pattern. Thus as you visit the store, you need to have a fixed budget and do your bargain. At the expensive end of the spectrum are the silk rugs; the higher the knot count and the more difficult it is to obtain the material, the higher the price. Wool is easy to find and therefore rugs from this are less expensive.

What’s the purpose of the rug?

Different rugs are made for different purposes. Think about where you want to use the rug. Silk rugs are perfect for decorative purposes and they are more resistant to stress. These can be used for hanging on the walls. Woolen rugs, on the other hand, are more durable and more practical, thus can handle high foot traffic without showing any distress. For those with toddlers, they are perfect in disguising any spills and thus the most appropriate.

Persian rugs are available in many designs, shapes, and material and such. Thus, the most important thing is to know the purpose of the rug; whether you’d want to use it as a doormat or for decorative purposes, the above information would guide you.

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