Experts’ Global – Revolutionizing the traditional notion of GMAT preparation

The firm is led by the vision of Mr. Mayank Srivastava, who is a Boston University MBA (availed of with 100% scholarship) and is proud of the highly experienced and efficient team, who are alumni of several of the highly acclaimed global as well as Indian institutions. Ethical and methodical approach to tasks defines the firm’s basis. The firm stands proud of being able to affect and influence the life of so many deserving candidates; the student’s success is the firms’ badge of honor!

The launch of the most exhaustive GMAT online preparation software, by Experts’ Global in February 2008, initiated the firm’s success story. The software is a composite resource for GMAT prep comprising of more than 300 videos explaining GMAT concepts, more than 5000 practice questions helping to confirm the student’s stronghold on the concepts, 15 full-length mock tests conducted on AI-based algorithms, and numerous novel features. Indeed, Experts’ Global online GMAT prep program is the most advanced software yet developed, worldwide. Within the limited tenure that the software has been launched, thousands of students have already utilized the same for their GMAT preparation and the reactions, significantly, have been encouraging.

Enabling the software with artificial intelligence has been a key factor in contributing to this fame and popularity of the prep program. The AI trains the software to read data of student performance and analyze the pattern to return recommendations on the individual preparation needs of each student. Further, the vast series of training videos allows the students to study at the convenience of their own time and place; they may even revise the concepts for as many times as may seem necessary. The GMAT practice tests, simulating the GMAT test interface that usual comes complimentary with the program and may also be opted for separately, have been widely acknowledged by students as helping them to familiarize themselves with the pattern, concepts, scope, and feel of the test. A large proportion of the test-takers have also affirmed that their mock-test score closely resembled their final GMAT test scores. Gaining this resemblance with real GMAT test pattern, scope, feel, and scoring in the mocks is a significant achievement for the Experts’ Global online GMAT preparation program – an achievement that every standardized test prep firms eagerly desire.

Having enjoyed wide popularity among the home students, Experts’ Global is preparing to extend their GMAT prep services to every GMAT aspirants around the world. The firm makes a minute note of every feedback, on content, user interface, and product features, received from students and ardently works to ensure that the students’ learning experience is enhanced. In aiming for this global dominance, the team is working on their marketing efforts to acquire the desired visibility for their product. With its smart products and personalized services, in no time, this Indian Ed-Tech firm will transpire into the global leader in the domain of online GMAT preparation!

Experts’ Global – The Premise and The Services

A premium Ed-Tech firm, Experts’ Global has been founded on the tenet of using technology to further education. The firm has established significant competence, as a global player, in the domain of GMAT preparation and MBA admissions consulting. Since its inception in 2008, the firm has helped thousands of students in obtaining admission into the top-ranked global B-schools. The team has invested considerable time, research, and effort into developing the most exhaustive GMAT prep software, a robust product that has enabled many students ace the GMAT test and earn competitive scores for applying to renowned B-schools.

The firm’s student base is representative of over 50 nationalities and each of the prestigious 150 B-schools have accepted the candidatures of Experts’ Global students into their programs. Statistically, every 10th Indian studying in the US top 50 business schools happens to be an alumnus of Experts’ Global! Further, every year, since 2010, the firm has helped students earn hefty scholarships, amounting to more than USD 2Million.

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