Down Under – A Trip to cherish forever!

In your prime age only, you must execute your adrenaline rush, and for that, you need to explore some weird, wacky places. What better place can be other than Australia where you can have some mesmerising time in the golden beaches. With a whirlwind of romance in the air, the place has some exotic locations which world-class sightseeing are.

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1.Watsons Bay, New South Wales: Nestled peacefully among the famous harbours of Sydney, the Watsons Bay is a perfect get away from the monotonous life. And if you like fishing, then you just found the ideal destination. With a blend of gorgeous beaches and seafood delicacies, it is a must-visit for the tourist.

  1. Esperance, Western Australia: When you are in Down under, watching kangaroos with your naked eyes is a delight. To treat your eyes, do visit the pristine Esperance located in Western Australia where you can find the roaming kangaroos. Here you would be stunned by the pink lake which is known by the name Lake Hillier. The place Esperance is a delight for the animal lovers. They would be at eternal bliss.
  2. Darwin, Northern Territory:If you want to be Steve Irwin or be like him, then you must visit Darwin which is famous for its humongous crocs. You need to visit this tropical city to witness the carnivores. But you must muster your courage before you step into this area. Here, you would also get the chance to enrich your knowledge about the history of Aussie culture. There are many waterfalls to amuse you, and the boat ride in the Tiwi Islands is just incredible. Darwin is the place where people visit to embrace natural Australia.
  3. Cairns, Queensland:Exhausted and bored, then pack your bags and visit Cairns of Queensland. You would be relaxed and chilled. You would have a spectacular view of the Great Barrier Reef nearby. The best part is you can have some private time here. If you are enthusiasm about water sports, then you can try diving and snorkelling. Well, a pristine lagoon along with the Cairns Esplanade to catch the breathtaking sunset.

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5.Hobart, Tasmania:To witness the Polar lights, you have to be lucky enough. Well, Australia does have some places which you would delight you with the Southern lights, and you would be stupefied when you be a part of that magnificent view. For this, Hobart is the right place for you and the Southern lights would surely guide you to your destination. Well, you can try other activities like kayaking around Sandy Bay.

  1. Yarra Valley, Victoria:If you are a wine-loving couple, then Yarra Valley has something special for you. This place is a paradise for the wine lovers. The most wine aficionados will also need some free hours to enjoy the other alcohol-free activities. Post that you can indulge yourself in the wine drinking. If you have some time, then visit the Healesville Sanctuary and enjoy feeding the kangaroos.
  2. Port Stephens:Well, once you land up in Australia enjoying the sand-dunes is a must. There are Humpback Whales which would be a treat for your sight in the Port Stephens. This port is full of activities like horseback riding. You can enjoy the utmost views from the cruises and also enjoy dolphin playing in the water. On the sand-dunes, you can try your hands on the quad bike and hone your riding skills.
  3. Broome, Western Australia:Don’t you get excited by camel ride on the beaches? Well to enjoy this bliss you have to be at Broome which is located on Western Australia. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, this place boasts of rich history and cultures. The jet boating along the famous Horizontal Falls will be an ultimate experience for you.

9.Byron Bay, New South Wales:Gorgeous beaches along with surfing on the sea are what the Byron Bay provides. This trip would make worth the money spent on the place. The sparkling shore is a place to chill and feel relaxed. There are small life houses which are a getaway for you.

  1. Jervis Bay: If you are a Social media freak, then Jervis Bay is the perfect place for you to increase your Instagram followers. You can find one and only Freakshake while watching the dolphin and whale. A little venture into the coves will be enticing.

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