Detectable warning systems  

As per the requirements of Americans with Disability Act (ADA), we have for many years perfected the art of detectable warning surface. We are dedicated to ensuring safe passage of all pedestrians, specifically concentrating on those with visual impairment of any kind. The use of our products has been recognized the world over to greatly reduce instances of accidents that occur among visually impaired individuals when they walk into dangerous points. Some of our products designed for this purpose include; redimat, alerttile, alertcast and cast iron. Depending on the ground condition of the area in which proofing is required, our customers can pick from this selection the form that suits them best.


For efficiency, our products have been designed in such a way that even those completely unable to see are able to detect them. Their unique patterns stand out making them very hard to miss even by blind people who walk with the aid of tapping around. This has gone a long way in preventing accidents from occurring. We have all the necessary expertise on detectable warning surface.

Color retention

All our products have been subjected to a premium ultra violet treatment to ensure that they retain color for a long period of time. The fact that they don’t fade easily helps to improve detectability in addition to improving their aesthetic value.

Ease of installation

Our detectable warning systems are very easy to install. An example is the redimat whose installation requires a simple peeling of the protective covering and pressing it onto the required surface. Without requiring any special skills, our products can therefore be handled by practically anyone.

Surface compatibility

When purchasing such products, it is important to put into consideration the compatibility with the target surface of installation. Our products are compatible with practically any surface, be it tarmac, asphalt or even a metallic surface. Furthermore, it is not necessary to add any additional adhesives to make them stick better on surfaces.


Their flexibility also plays an important role in ensuring surface compatibility particularly in places where the target surface is uneven. The flexibility of our products does not however come at the expense of strength and impact resistance. As a matter of fact, redimat, which is the most flexible of our products, comes with significant compressive and flexural strengths of approximately 30,000 and 18,000 psi respectively.

Tolerance to heat and cold

Due to a relatively low heat or cold tolerance of some of the mainstream warning systems, our company developed useful alternatives. These alternatives, such as cast iron can be employed where a high temperature fluctuation tolerance is required. Despite its strength, our cast iron products are light weight and very easy to install. Also, all our products are compliant with all the required standards such as slip resistance and easy detectability. 

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