Crazy Canadians frenzy in buying cannabis in cannabis stores

17 cannabis stores in Alberta province to meet the demand of one million Canadians in Edmonton

Canada legalizing cannabis for recreational use on 17th October 2018 could be opening the doors across the globe for many countries.  Canada already legalizing the medicinal use of cannabis earlier has taken a giant leap forward to set an example for other countries to recognize the medicinal and other uses of cannabis..  This timeless medicinal plant is grown more now in Canada for the manufacture of legalized cannabis products across the cannabis stores of Edmonton and other cities of Canada.

Skyrocketing of stocks of cannabis in US markets:

Anticipating this legalizing of cannabis in Canada cannabis manufacturing stocks such as Canopy and many others skyrocketed in the US markets.  In the road to the final legalization of recreational cannabis products in Canada rumours of Coco-cola joining hands with the Canadian cannabis maker Aurora and Marlboro maker Altria looking for Aphria fuelled the fire of these stocks to all-time highs in the markets.  Also, talks of medical conglomerates to collaborate with cannabis makers in Canada were all in the news to skyrocket the cannabis stocks.  The talk of world finance market was more in investing in cannabis  when the Canadian cities started selling cannabis legally.

Big sales of cannabis across Canada:

On 17th October 2018, the shops which started sales of legalized cannabis ran out of stock soon.  They were sending customers back without stock.  This was the situation in many cannabis stores across major cities of Canada.  Even the major manufacturers like Canopy were not able to meet the needs of its citizens.

Cannabis sales in cannabis stores Edmonton:

In Edmonton,  the fifth largest municipality of Canada in terms of the population of nearly one million people and the capital of Canada’s Alberta province the applications for opening Cannabis stores Edmonton were received on August 28, 2018.  17 shops were legalized to sell cannabis products and all were out of stock soon on the 17th of October.

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