Cold Hard Steel Knives: Picking the right Brand

Introduction to cold steel blades

In today’s day and age, we are spoilt for choice with the many types of knives readily available. The use of a blade as a tool has evolved from its essential beginning in swords, to become a much more widely offered modern and convenient utensil – such as the fixed blade knife, kitchen/cooking knife, custom hunting knife, custom pocketknife, and more.

Each one has its specific purpose and can last a lifetime if produced by a competent and quality company. Only a few custom knife makers have reputations for producing the highest quality stainless steel blade knives.

Cold steel blades are the essential tools of choice for many applications, but only when manufactured with proper material and techniques, to exact specifications.

Ergonomic importance

If you’re a knife collector or require custom knives, branded steel knives are a popular choice. Fortunately, they aren’t always as expensive as you might think. Though there are some beautifully designed collector’s knives out there with big price tags.

With some good research online, you can hunt down great offers from companies regarded as the original makers of the Swiss army knife.

Solingen, Germany, known for its infamous knives, is the headquarters of Forschner, which works with Victorinox to produce high-quality blades for a range of uses.

Custom Bowie knives have an excellent price-performance ratio. Customers all over the world regard The Bowie knife as a benchmark for quality, especially when it comes to Tactical uses. Many renowned restaurants and catering companies in the United States and Europe rely on Forschner. You too can also order your own collection of Forshnercustom knives online.

Forschner knives have not only high-quality blades, but also ergonomically designed handles that fit comfortably into every shape of hand. If you find cheap knives awkward to hold, or find yourself straining under certain use, it’s advisable to stop trying to ‘make do’ with knives that aren’t cutting it for you. If you intend to cook a lot, you should read Forschner’s online offers.

Premium brands: Cold Steel

Another knife company well known for quality development and production is Cold Steel. They combine modern technology with traditional design to make the hardest and sharpest knives. They create excellent custom hunting knives, folding knives, military knives, and fixed blade knives.

Recommended: Cold Steel Recon 1 Spear Point:

This unassuming little demon is kicking a punch. Beautifully crafted, the Recon Spear Point packs a 3.5mm thick 4 inch AUS 8A stainless steel blade with a Tuff-Ex finish in black.

Hunting down a cheaper cold steel knife

Cold steel blades can be ordered as a collection or individually, and you can find many choices at affordable prices to suit your needs. Single knives from either company can be cheaper than retail prices, so it pays to do your homework, put in the research and find the best value available. As with any online purchase – whether buying a single knife or collection, make sure you order from a reliable and high-quality online supplier. Check out their web security, payment policies and look for testimonials and reviews.

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