Android Development Trends To Follow In 2018

Android has shown remarkable growth in its user base and app downloads since its very inception. Android can be considered a major driving force behind the phenomenon of most people these days having smartphones thanks to virtually every manufacturer being able to release phones with it loaded.

Due to this large and ever increasing customer base, it is a good idea to offer Android App Development Services for this enormous potential customer base. Even many Enterprises are getting android development done for both internal usage as well as commercial.

While creating an Android App isn’t too difficult, following the latest trends is always a good idea for development.

Following are the Important trends to follow.

Design is:

Gone are the days of blocky apps with mismatched colors. Users expect perfection when it comes to design. Any app, no matter how good it is, cannot succeed in this highly populated market without have a good User Interface and a pretty overall look and feel.

It is essential to maintain a uniform look and feel throughout the app. Any mismatch can appear jarring to the users.

It is also a good idea to break up large tracts of text with images or interactive elements to better keep the attention of the user.

Animations need to be fluid and lag or stutter must be kept to a minimum.

Is There Wearable Variant of The App?

Wearables have gained popularity and have established a large presence almost as quickly as smartphones themselves. Be it fitness or media, Wearables are here to stay and if your app doesn’t have compatibility for wearables, you’re missing out on a huge potential market.

Wearable apps need to be small in size and have low hardware requirements. It is better to design them from the ground up rather than cut down existing applications. That would save a considerable amount of time which would otherwise be spent in optimization.

Comprehensive Testing Must Be Done.

Thorough testing is absolutely essential before releasing one’s application. Other than finding out bugs and other errors, Testing helps you get a feel for how the app is to use in real world scenarios. It’s advisable to test the app on as many real world devices as possible. Many Android App Development Company in India offer testing services as well. It’s always a good idea to get an outside opinion for how your app is performing.


Be it security updates or updates that add new features, one thing that cannot be argued is that updates are a must. Other than reassuring users that the app is still being supported, updates can be used to bring in more potential users.
Updates need to maintain the look and feel of the existing app. If a major overhaul is being released, it’s best to let your users know.

Android development is booming and there’s always space for more developers and apps. If you’re following the best practices in development, you can be sure that your app will be well placed to get the success it deserves.

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