All You Need to Know About Driving and Renting A Car in Italy

You might hesitate from renting a car in a foreign country considering it to be a risky job. However, struggling on a train for daily movement too is not an easy task. Renting a car gives you the freedom to roam around as per your needs and not be worried about the timings of the train or the bus. It makes your work much more stress free and you can work as per your own comfort level without any external factors affecting it.

Rented car insurance

Basic insurance of any rented car in Italy is a mandatory task. Legal cover of the car is a must. The insurance can be made through the credit card, in which case, you have to sign waiver while stating that the insurance is there on the card. You are responsible for paying the insurance and all of it can be claimed later on.

Determine the base fare

You must make your research right, and go through all the available deals in the market. You must research well and go through all the retail rates and booking sites and hence, then chose the best one available.

Know your needs

You must not rent the car more than the time for which it is needed. You must be aware of the type of car that you need and also the time for which you need it. Renting the car more than the time for which you need it, would lead to extra cost and unnecessary expenditure. You must first analyze your needs and the cities that you are going to visit and then make your choice accordingly. Also, know what size of a car you need. If you are the one alone who has to travel, then even a microcar would do and there is no need of a long sedan.

What not to do

Here are certain points which you should avoid while renting a car in Italy.

  • Don’t rely completely on the GPS system for navigation purposes.
  • Don’t leave any gas in the tank unused.
  • Do make sure to follow all the rules of the road and follow all the road signs while driving.
  • Do not neglect the travel insurance, which is indeed a must.
  • Make a clear explanation of an automatic or a manual car.
  • Make sure to read Italy car renting guide before renting the car.

Follow all rules

Every car in Italy would speed past you and here you must be careful while driving. It is necessary that you do not get influenced by the other car drivers and in a try to imitate them, you also start driving in speed. You must follow all the rules of the road and make sure that your safety as well as the safety of co-drivers on the road is insured.


Hence, driving in Italy could turn out to be a real big problem, if you are not aware of certain rules and are ignorant of your needs. You must research well and then make your choice accordingly after analyzing each and every aspect of it.

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