5 ways to choose the best ISP for broadband

Internet service providers (ISPs) are a dime a dozen in the country, but only the best ones like Airtel offer an all-round package spanning great plans, easy installation and easy bill payment.

Having a super-fast broadband connection is important if you want to connect all your digital devices and keep surfing or working without a hitch. If you are looking for a new broadband connection, you must first start by getting the right Internet service provider. We present 5 pointers to get you started:

1 Check their current plans for your city.

You will find a lot of broadband providers in your city, from your local cable TV provider to new companies and established mobile service providers. But it is always better to partner with a leading Internet service provider like Airtel, which has the best broadband plans for every major city and town in India. Airtel has plans spanning 1 month, 6 months and 12 months, and 5 plans under each category. The plans are extremely affordable, with Airtel offering the highest discounts on each (up to 20% off on the one-year plans). Choose an ISP that lets you upgrade or change to another plan at a later date.

2 Study the plan features.

You might wish to try the Internet service provider for a few months to check the connection quality. We suggest that you take a 6-month plan with Airtel broadband. But study the 6-months plans for your city, and their corresponding prices first. For instance, you could take a 6-month Rs 848 plan for Delhi, which offers a discounted price at 15% off (original plan price is Rs 999). It offers 100 Mbps speed and 250 GB data per month with data rollover option for unused data. Besides, you can get 1000 GB bonus data if you book the connection before October 31, 2018. You also get one-yearfree Amazon Prime subscription with the plan. Overall, this is a good proposition for your home broadband connection, so do study all plan features before buying.

3 Check for the fastest speeds.

Every Internet service provider claims that they have the fastest Internet speeds on their broadband connections. But actual testing of the connection on a good speed test meter shows disappointing speeds. However, Airtel provides the fastest speeds – 40 Mbps to 100 Mbps on an average, depending on the plan you take – with Airtel V fibernet offering blazing fast 300 Mbps speeds.

4 Check for uptime.

The best broadband plans are those that offer lightning fast speeds with no network outages. Normally, bad weather makes most connections really slow, or lack of cell towers in the area may also affect uptime. You will never face these issues with an Internet service provider like Airtel – it has always-on connectivity and 99% uptime on its V fibered connection.

* Does the ISP offer any other benefits?

It’s all very well to have an array of broadband plans, but does the ISP also have other benefits that will help you clinch the deal with them? For example, Airtel offers a free router and easy installation of the broadband connection, which are important benefits. Ask the provider which benefits they offer with the connection.

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