5 Steps to Create an Effective Booster Club in the USA

Many of the parents wish to start a booster club for their pupils. They may even have the connections for funding and other resources like premises for operations. But without enough knowledge on how to create a booster club, they hesitate to take initiation.

This article simplifies the steps in creating a booster club.

  • Assemble the Team

A booster club is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to empower students in achieving their dreams. Raising money for various activities to support students in all their endeavors and to provide exposure to all possible opportunities is a demanding task and thus requires a highly dedicated team of individuals.

The members can be parents of students or any others that have a vested interest in the mission of the booster club but should have a good knowledge of how to create a booster club. Members can be recruited based on specific roles to be filled in the management system. Each event or activity should be distributed to a different set of people so no one person ends up with a huge burden of work.

  • Relationship with the School Administration

It is important that the booster club and the school administration is well acquainted with each other. While most of the members are parents, some of the members might be simply filling roles and not have any relation to the school administration.

The relationship between the school administration and booster club needs to be clear and definitive. This prevents struggles between them for more control over the team or band. The school administration might also try to bundle up different booster clubs into one to equally support all teams. Seeking independence thus is necessary so that donors can support only the team or activity they like.

  • Define Positions and Authoritarian Roles

Management positions are called officers in booster club context and are filled by event directors, vice presidents, administrative liaison, volunteer coordinator, fundraising coordinator, travel coordinator and likewise.

The President, Secretary, and the Treasures consist of the Board of Directors and are responsible for taking all crucial decisions and running the club as a whole. Authoritarian roles should be selected based on experience and leadership qualities.

  • Iron Out the Legalities

Booster clubs are governed by federal and state rules. They can seek legal counsel to assist with their general functioning and educate all members about the rules and regulations applicable to them.

One important step in legalizing the organization is filling and submitting the Article of Incorporation. Necessary approvals from the school administration, if applicable, are to be acquired as well.

  • Financial Management

Booster clubs can hire people to manage the club financially as it is the lifeblood of its existence. Members should apply for an EIN early in the process to start a booster club, carefully curate a budget, open a dedicated bank account, get officer protection and general liability insurance, and most importantly obtain a tax-exempt status.

Starting a booster club is definitely a very difficult process, but with dedication and faith, both the members and students can power through any difficulties they may face.

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