5 New Technologies Changing the Way You Watch Digital TV

From smartphones to the endless possibilities offered by the Internet, it is quite evident today how technology has greatly impacted day-to-day living. And in the realm of television technology, analogue TVs have all but been replaced by thinner, smarter and energy-efficient digital TVs.

It’s pretty clear to see that the primary beneficiaries of this technological evolution are TV viewers whose habits and preferences have evolved alongside the technology.

Below are new technologies that continue to transform the way people watch TV for a better viewing experience:

1. HDTV antennas

High definition television (HDTV) gives viewers a high-quality display similar to that of a movie theatre. But to truly enjoy your HDTV viewing experience, you should install an antenna to receive over-the-air or OTA service.

The benefits of having an HDTV antenna include:

  • Free Superior Broadcast Signal Over Satellite and Cable

You no longer need to spend on a subscription fee just to get OTA service. And according to Albro of techhive.com, HDTV antennas allow you to kiss your cable bill goodbye. Since an antenna doesn’t use signal compression, you get uninterrupted viewing pleasure via your HDTV.

  • Complements Any Satellite or Cable Subscription

Having an antenna work with your HDTV is crucial especially during those times when your cable or satellite blacks out. When emergencies or unfavourable weather conditions come about, you’ll still have a source of news information via OTA signals. Similar to the frequency of a radio, an antenna is less likely to experience such interruptions.

  • Interior and Exterior Options

When you get an antenna, you are given two options: indoor or outdoor. An outdoor antenna can give you better broadcast. On the other hand, an indoor antenna is easier to install and is more secure during extreme weather conditions.

2. Internet TV

If there were no Internet, binge watching the 21st century wouldn’t even be possible. And it’s not just a simple Internet connection that is required; you’ll need the fast and reliable kind. With an Internet TV, you can stream your favourite shows from entertainment companies like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and many others on a bigger and better screen (not just your laptop or mobile phone).

This means you no longer need to connect HDMI cables to stream videos to your TV and enjoy smooth access to stored, downloaded, and streaming content. Need to watch a live sports game? You can stream live online and enjoy watching sports with an Internet TV.

3. Plug and play

Traditionally, when people turn on their TV, they only had a list of channels to choose from. Today, devices like Google Chromecast, Roku and Apple TV give you more abundant options once you connect them to your TV set. These include:

  • Streaming YouTube or any videos on your TV
  • Casting any web page, movie or show to your TV
  • Playing multiplayer games on your TV with your family and friends

4. Remote control software

Who says you can only use your remote control to manoeuvre your TV? Online streaming has transformed remote control completely to make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable.

Instead of browsing endlessly through channels until you find a program that you like, you can now select the show, series or program that you want to watch at your preferred time.

New remote control software and the continuous expansion of smartphone capabilities have cast the typical remote control aside. You now have a Unified Remote for Android, iTunes remote, Mobile Mouse remote for your iOS device besides the free remote control that comes with your TV.

5. Second screen

If you have a TV program that you need to watch but you’re away from your television, a smartphone or tablet can act as your second screen. Nowadays, many online streaming services make it possible for users to watch their favourite shows through their own mobile devices.

This is also an ingenious marketing method for service providers to further engage users. This way, they can join in on social media discussions that are related to what users are watching.

When you watch TV the way most people do these days, you are no longer completely idle. With today’s revolutionary technology, you can be socially or actively engaged while receiving a variety of convenient and high quality entertainment.

Modern technology will continue to change the way you watch TV; you just have to wait for what more the future has in store.

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