5 Interesting Tips to Maintain Long Distance Relationship

Come February, it’s the season of love. Feel the warmth of it as love is in the air. It’s time again to renew your vows, re-kindle the passion in your relationship and re-discover a new facet of your love. Sounds awesome! Yes, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s no surprise if you feel prompted to express your love in a different way. It sounds really good and romantic unless your partner is not away from you. But if you are in a long distance relationship, it is easy said than done. It appears to be an extremely daunting task to keep the relationship intact let alone making it interesting.

Recreate that magic; make it a really memorable moment than ever before. Explore these 5 interesting tips that help you bring that smile back on your partner’s face.

  1. Communicate regularly but not excessively

Nothing beats those positive vibes created by a cheerful greeting. Exchanging greetings, as in a “good morning” or a “good night” before you kick-start your day or wind up, brings in a sea change to your relationship. Give an inclusive feeling to your partner by sharing updates about happenings in your life. If you wish you may send a short video or audio clips and make it more interesting.

  1. Enjoy doing similar things

It is quite easy to hop on to monotony when in a long-distance relationship. Try to create more ‘talking points’. Recommend each other movies, books or any music. Such activities will help you create more common topics to talk and slip into an easy chat. In addition, the experiences you share make it more interesting and enjoyable especially with your partner.

  1. Play online games

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  1. Surprise each other with gifts

Sometimes distance is good – It creates a sense of mystery. When it gets combined with fun the outcome is nothing less than an awesome experience. Keep your long distance relationship as fresh as the morning flower by surprising each other with gifts. Pick something interesting or beautiful, or quirky or creative and reel in the happy feeling.

  1. Pay visits

If you wish to make it even better, then visit at times. This is essential when you are in a long-distance relationship. Depending upon your partner’s availability plan for something exciting – short vacation or an adventure trip and make the most of each other’s company.

Distances do not matter

When is the matter related to heart, distances slip into oblivion? But, given the various external factors influencing us, it is always necessary to stay positive in a long distance relationship.

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