5 interesting facts about prepaid cards

Do you know all there is to know about prepaid SIM cards? Read on to brush up – or learn something new!

Prepaid phone connections are back in the reckoning, after a long spell of playing second fiddle to postpaid connections. Today, leading prepaid mobile providers like Airtel have the best and most affordable packs that offer a large amount of daily data, as well as superior network coverage. You can also do the prepaid recharge online quickly and from anywhere, at any time.

As a prepaid SIM user, you might want to know these interesting facts about the card inside your phone:

1 Do you know that the abbreviation ‘SIM’ stands for…’Subscriber Identification Module’. The SIM card that you hold has your unique phone number that nobody else can have. Unless your SIM card gets cloned, nobody else can possess the same combination of 10 digits that your phone does.

2 Prepaid SIMs have the same capacity as postpaid ones. There really is very little to distinguish between prepaid SIMs and postpaid ones, at least as far as physical characteristics such as memory are concerned. Most SIM cards, whether prepaid or postpaid, have 64 GB memory. This cannot be expandable, but you can use the micro SD card to upgrade memory up to 128 GB. So if you’ve heard anyone say that prepaid cards have lower memory or efficiency than postpaid cards, please ignore it as a myth.

3 You can secure your SIM card. Did you know that just like you can password-protect your phone, you can protect your SIM card as well? This is important when you’re travelling abroad and have a temporary prepaid SIM – being connected is vital when you’re away from your home, so your SIM needs an extra layer of anti-theft protection. In your phone’s Settings, look for ‘Security’ and under this, you will find ‘SIM card lock’ or ‘Set up SIM card lock’. In this, you can set a unique PIN for your SIM that prevents the data on it from being wiped or copied if your phone is stolen and broken into. Also, the SIM cannot be used in another device if it has been locked with a PIN.

4 Your prepaid card also allows ‘hotspotting’. Setting up a portable network hotspot from your phone is more of a network thing, but your prepaid SIM plan allows you complete freedom to do so if you have sufficient data on it. If you have a prepaid SIM from Airtel, for example, you get anywhere from 1.4 GB to 2 GB data daily. That’s a lot of data that you can utilise to hotspot, or watch your favourite TV show’s latest episode, or chat using FB messenger (these are the biggest data guzzlers).

5 Data can be moved easily from one prepaid SIM to another with a reader. If you’re travelling abroad, you might buy a local SIM card but it may not be compatible with your handset. In this case, you will need another handset. After you get a new temporary handset, you should just use a SIM reader to transfer the data on your current SIM to the new one, so that you are spared the headache of trying to recollect numbers and email IDs if you want to contact anybody back home.

Get the best of prepaid SIM plans in India

Airtel has the choicest pick of the lot in terms of prepaid plans and their utility to customers. Consider Airtel’s prepaid plans for Delhi:

Apart from a wonderful array of plans, Airtel prepaid also has the easiest options in online recharge. You can recharge your number using the Airtel website, or via the myAirtel app, or using the balance in your Airtel Payments Bank. The online recharge is done in a quick and secure manner, and you can even change your current pack for another one at this stage.

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