5 amazing Internet security trends and issues to look out for in 2019

The technology industry is the most constantly changing and dynamic industry here’s always something new is going on every second. On the other side, the demand for some techniques and tools are falling apart. Sadly, the average size of a data breach increased by nearly two percent. Clearly, there’s still plenty of work to do.

The tech industrial revolution at its fourth stage has engaged unrivaled business propositions and opportunities, henceforth increasing the risk of predestined cyber attack. Not only but security measures are to be fabricated into technology, consciousness should be integrated into every company employees with some proper investment on required tools and security measures. According to Gartner the worldwide spending on security information, product and services are to exceed $124 Billion in 2019.

Let’s Have a look at some of the future pros and cons of cyber securities

Shadow IT: The internet is predicting that Shadow IT applications or BYOD applications are also known as renegade apps are going to cause some vital damages in the upcoming year. Mobile and cloud applications have opened the door for users to access data and perform their workloads from nearly any corners of the world, allowing them to download potentially unsecured data or apps to the devices that they are using to access business data. So it’s time to redress the problem by educating users and employees to clear the concept of which data and apps are okay to work on and which data should remain secure, These are where CASB software comes into play and serves as a traffic coordinator between the cloud and applications accessing network data.

Artificial intelligence (AI): With the evolving era AI or machine oriented intelligence is gathering space in almost every aspect of the revolutionary industries. These AI technologies have the ability to quickly identify and learn from past events in order to identify cyber security threats. Companies like Dark trace and Cylance had released AI based Cyber securities since 2013. However, in spite of the fact that AI is a boon for tech industries, it may prove as a double-edged sword, as cyber security personals are concerned about the fact that cybercriminals may use AI intelligence to launch more complicated cyber attacks.

Ransomware: Ransomware is malicious software which locks down users data until they pay a ransom. Though it is totally understandable IOT isn’t making headlines as most of the IOT devices don’t store official or personal data in them. Nevertheless, individuals should be careful as they shouldn’t be forgetting the WannaCry attack that took place in 2017. Ranson spread easily via email, email phishing scam plays a vital role in transmitting this type of malware and lock down the system until the ransom is paid. Strengthening your real-time defense, keeping systems data backed up and updating the system regularly can keep systems safe.

Money making online industry: Hackers and scammers follow the money that flows in the casino business, as Casino industry do a proliferate amount of business online with every passing year. Like any other web-based industries it’s very essential for casino industries to take high-end security measures for preventing there customers or players financial data. That is the only reason why casino industries use 128-bit encryption for securing customer data. According to a survey the global casino market has done a business of 116 billion USD in the previous year while it will rise to 130 billion in the upcoming year. With this amount of money exchange in this industry, it has become the main target for hackers. So Casino industries are first to adopt new technology and high-end security measure to redress this threat. It is a perpetual conflict with no climax in vision yet its one of the triumphant industry among all other web-based industry in terms of security and money making.

Blockchain: Blockchain is the most secure way to do online payments the use of credit cards are losing their importance due to the high risk of hacking passwords by cybercriminals. Customers are adopting the cryptocurrencies as their traditional way of doing online payments. Though criminals are trying to crypto jacking the users crypto wallet without hacking the blockchain itself to create there own cryptocurrency.

All this trends and issues let us came to the conclusion that users and industries should be introducing new updates and securities to overcome all kind of cyber threats.

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